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Nov 17
Fastmarkets Awards Scrap Equipment Company of the Year

WENDT Named Scrap Equipment Company of the Year by Fastmarkets

WENDT CORPORATION was named, for the second year in a row, Scrap Equipment Company of the Year by Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence. The 12th annual awards recognized the accomplishments of the leaders in the steel industry in 24 distinct categories. “We are honored by this recognition once again,” said Tom Wendt, President. “This award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees. Your experience, talent and passion for innovation excellence is what drives our company forward. Thank you to our partners, suppliers and our customers for being a valued part of our business and making this recognition possible.”

WENDT DIDION Metal Polishing Drum

WENDT‘s nomination for the award highlighted:

  • Opening of the WENDT Showroom: Acts as a key resource for customers to perform material sampling, prove a business case and gain hands-on training from WENDT’s experienced Service Technicians. The Showroom also offers WENDT the new ability to continuously feature the latest and most advanced technology and equipment available.
  • Launch of Metal Polishing Drum Product Line: New quality expectation requirements drove WENDT to seek out the market leader in rotary drum technology, DIDION International, and form an exclusive partnership. With WENDT’s guidance and expertise, the result of the partnership is the development of a new metal cleaning and polishing product line, specifically tailored to the scrap metal recycling industry. The patented metal polishing drums provides our customers a competitive advantage beyond metal sorting with the ability to create packages that are bright, polished and clean to the touch.
  • Launch of the X-TRACT X6: WENDT along with exclusive partner, TOMRA Recycling, launched the new X-TRACT X6 FINES, a ground-breaking x-ray based solution which can separate magnesium from aluminum products such as Zorba and Twitch, opening the door to trading low magnesium Twitch on domestic markets.
    • WENDT’s merging of the metal polishing drum technology with the X-TRACT X6 technology addresses our customers need for cleaner finished products while introducing a new process that has never been done before.
  • Development of the WENDT/MTB EZR Pre-Shredder: The EZR is the first Pre-Shredder on the market that offers an electric drive for throughputs up to 120 tons/hour. This makes the EZR a more efficient, reliable machine compared to traditional hydraulic Pre-Shredders. WENDT brought decades of shredding experience into the EZR design. The new EZR Pre-Shredder offers unrivaled flexibility by building off WENDT’s trademarked modular designs, that greatly reduce installation duration and total project costs.

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