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Aluminum Shredding Solutions

WENDT provides innovative systems designed and developed specifically for processing aluminum and non-ferrous material to create furnace-ready products. From taint/tabor to used beverage cans, zorba, breakage and aluminum extrusions, WENDT’s complete aluminum shredding systems are engineered to efficiently process various grades of aluminum to achieve exceptional recovery and value.

  • Pre-Shredders
  • Hammermill Shredders
  • Knife Shredders
  • Aluminum Shredding | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Aluminum Shredding | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Shredded Aluminum | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Shredded Aluminum | WENDT CORPORATION
  • WENDT MTB EZR Pre-Shredder
  • Aluminum Shredding and Sorting | WENDT CORPORATION

Features & Benefits

WENDT MTB EZR Pre-Shredder
WENDT offers a range of Pre-Shredders designed to process most types of aluminum bales from 5 – 40 tons/hr. Available in both a traditional hydraulic drive & the industry’s first electric drive.
WENDT Aluminum Shredder
WENDT’s Hammermill Shredders allows for processing large volumes of tough-to-shred material with typical flow rates ranging from 30,000 – 70,000 lbs/hr
WENDT Knife Based Shredders
Our Knife Shredders is ideal for “cleaner” aluminum feedstocks; free from heavy contaminates like steel, stainless, rocks, etc. Typical flow rates range from 2,000 – 20,000 lbs/hr
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WENDT Model M6090 3D Animation

WENDT MTB EZR Pre-Shredder

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