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May 24
Invema M6090 Shredder

WENDT CORPORATION Sells First Shredder in Central America to INVEMA

WENDT CORPORATION has announced the sale of a WENDT M6090 shredding plant to Honduras-based INVEMA. Once installed, this will represent the first shredder in Central America and provide the company with a competitive advantage by creating a new premium product, increasing volumes, and opening new markets. Recognizing both the environmental and economic benefits recycling could bring to Honduras, George Gatlin […]

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Mar 14
APC Particulate Control - Shredder Emission Control

WENDT and APC Provide Particulate Matter Control Solution for Scrap Metal Shredder

Background WENDT CORPORATION is a leading comprehensive solution provider to the scrap metal recycling industry. In recent years, the EPA and state/local regulatory agencies have increasingly focused their attention on the air pollutants emitted from scrap metal shredding and recycling operations. This includes particulate matter, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), acid gases and other air contaminants. As WENDT recognized the need […]

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Mar 09
ILG Partnership - Shredder Enclosures

WENDT Enters into Exclusive Strategic Partnership with ILG International

WENDT CORPORATION, a leading solutions provider in the shredding and sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, entered a strategic partnership with ILG International, a German manufacturer of shredder enclosures. The exclusive partnership leverages ILG’s market leading position in Europe while offering a complementary product to WENDT’s comprehensive portfolio of scrap processing solutions in North America. For over 40 years, ILG […]

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Mar 08
WENDT In-Booth Presentations

WENDT to Host In-Booth Product Presentations at 2022 ISRI Convention

As the market leader for scrap processing solutions in North America, WENDT CORPORATION invites you to join us at the ISRI Convention for product presentation sessions within our booth. WENDT will host three in-booth presentations as our experts discuss the latest technology developments, new products, processes and innovative solutions. Tuesday, March 22: 9:30 am – State-of-the-Art Automobile Shredder Emission Control Systems 1:00 […]

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Feb 22
WENDT Non-Ferrous System - Moffatt

WENDT CORPORATION Commissions Non-Ferrous Plant at Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal

WENDT CORPORATION announces the commissioning of a small non-ferrous plant for Moffatt Scrap Iron & Metal Inc. The installation is part of Moffatt’s overall strategy to increase the volume of non-ferrous scrap metal recycled. Since 1984, Moffatt Scrap Iron and Metal Inc. has operated in Campbellville, Ontario. It is a full-service metal recycling company that prides itself on environmentally friendly […]

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Nov 17
Fastmarkets Awards Scrap Equipment Company of the Year

WENDT Named Scrap Equipment Company of the Year by Fastmarkets

WENDT CORPORATION was named, for the second year in a row, Scrap Equipment Company of the Year by Fastmarkets Global Awards for Steel Excellence. The 12th annual awards recognized the accomplishments of the leaders in the steel industry in 24 distinct categories. “We are honored by this recognition once again,” said Tom Wendt, President. “This award is a testament to […]

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Jul 14
Elevate Your Game & Margins Webinar

WENDT Hosts Elevate Your Game and Margins Webinar

In July, WENDT Non-Ferrous Business Development Manager, Bill Close, presented during a live webinar, Elevate Your Game and Margins, and addressed how: – Product quality expectations continue to rise – Shredder Operators are becoming more dependent on third parties to bring products to market – Margin spreads favor those prepared to exploit rising market expectations – Status quo operators are […]

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Jun 16
Pre-Shredders Webinar

WENDT Hosts Pre-Shredders: The Future of Auto Shredding Plants in North America Webinar

In mid-June, WENDT hosted a webinar session covering Pre-Shredders. Shredder and Ferrous Downstream Business Development Manager, Ethan Willard, provided attendees with a an overview of what a Pre-Shredder is, how it functions and introduced the WENDT/MTB EZR Pre-Shredder product line. The presentation also included: Challenges auto shredder operators face without a Pre-Shredder Benefits of installing and operating a Pre-Shredder New, […]

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Apr 28

WENDT CORPORATION Announces Sale of EZR Pre-Shredder to Rochester Iron and Metal

WENDT CORPORATION has announced the sale of a WENDT/MTB EZR Pre-Shredder to Rochester Iron and Metal. With multiple installations worldwide, the sale of the EZR Pre-Shredder to Rochester represents the first install that will reside in the United States. Located in Rochester, Indiana, Rochester Iron & Metal is a fourth generation, family-owned business that has been serving the scrap industry […]

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Apr 23
ISRI BDM Session

What’s New in Scrap Processing Solutions with WENDT’s Industry Experts

WENDT‘s Business Development Managers, Ethan Willard, Bill Close and Dave Siejka, sat down to discuss what’s new in scrap processing solutions. From new innovations and technologies to recent installations, our industry experts cover the latest and greatest in their individual product lines of shredding, non-ferrous separation and sorting and wire chopping. Video Transcript: Dave Siejka: Hi everybody and thanks for […]

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