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The FINDER is the most significant advancement in electromagnetic sensor technology since its creation and is a perfect example of WENDT and TOMRA’s collaboration together. FINDER 4 incorporates new patented technologies, a new mechanical build and new sorting applications that are unequaled in the industry.

  • Intelligent Object Recognition to detect complete objects and sort metal particles by shape, size, and signal intensity
  • DEEP DATA Technology allows conductive particles down to the size of fine copper wire to be detected by the 12-bit sensors
  • Adaptive Belt Calibration allows repeating signals from metal embedded in the belt to automatically be identified and suppressed within a few cycles of the belt
  • The User Interface is designed to create an intuitive user experience with a large color touchscreen and easy adjustment of purity and recovery of materials

Features & Benefits

Standard FINDER

Valve/Nozzles: 1:2 Ratio @ 6.25mm(1/4”) pitch

Detection Resolution: 1/16”

Ejection Resolution: 1/2”

Particle Size: 1/2” – 5”

Available Widths: 1200, 1800, 2400

Available Configuration: Single

Single FINDER Configuration
High Resolution FINDER

Valve/Nozzles: 1:1 Ratio @ 6.25mm(1/4”) pitch

Detection Resolution: 1/16”

Ejection Resolution: 1/4”

Particle Size: 0” – 4”

Available Widths: 1200, 1800, 2400

Available Configuration: Single, Tandem

Tandem FINDER Configuration
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FINDER 360° Animation

TOMRA Leading the Resource Revolution

WENDT Yard Walkthrough with PNW Metal Recycling

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