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Shredder Castings

Comprehensive Line
of Shredder Castings

WENDT CORPORATION offers a complete line of custom designed castings for all automobile and scrap metal shredders. WENDT castings are developed from a proprietary chemistry and designed to maximize abrasion resistance and wear life. Engineered in-house and manufactured off-shore at our exclusive foundries allows us to leverage our purchasing volume and offer competitive pricing.

Available in mill sizes from 60″ to 130″, we can supply:

  • Hammers (Manganese or Alloy)
  • Pin Protectors
  • Anvils
  • Cutter and Spreader Bars
  • Rotor and End Disc Caps
  • Grates
  • Reject Doors
  • Liners
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Hammers
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Pin Protectors
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Hammers
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Shredder Grates
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Shredder Liners
  • WENDT Shredder Castings | Shredder Grates

Features & Benefits

Maximum abrasion-resistant and work-hardening characteristics

  • Proprietary chemistry utilizing both moly and chrome
  • Proven heat-treat process
  • Controlled part traceability back to original heat
  • Short lead times
  • Competitive prices
  • 100% 3D CAD designed castings
  • Hardware available (if required)

To ensure quality, weights are marked in pounds on each casting. All of our shredder castings are individually serialized and crosschecked to melt chemistry and heat-treatment analysis. Large castings have test bars that are physically checked and cross-referenced to the melt analysis

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