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The WENDT Showroom

Research & Development

A key element to our success is striving for process excellence through continuous innovation and improvement. WENDT┬áinvests heavily in research and development and in process-improvement resources such as our Showroom. WENDT’s Showroom features the latest and most-advanced technology and equipment available. It serves as a key resource for customers to do material sampling, prove a business case and gain hands-on training from WENDT’s experienced Service Technicians. WENDT is minimizing customer risk by providing data-driven recommendations that are appropriate for each individual customer and application.

  • Operation of various technologies in our own test facility, plus dozens of machines available worldwide
  • Test with material or equipment that may be in consideration for a project
  • Validate plant designs, equipment selections, and determine recovery opportunities obtainable
  • Mass Balance Report
  • Detailed ROI Analysis
WENDT Showroom
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