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Shredder Consumables

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Auto Shredder Rotors | WENDT CORPORATION

Manufacturer: Bowe
Types: DISC, Spider

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Shredder Wear Parts | Shredder Consumables
Shredder Wear Parts

Hammer Pins: 3-⅞”, 4-⅞”, 5 ⅞”, 7”
Grousers: Flat, Curved

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WENDT Shredder Castings | Shredder Consumables
Shredder Castings

Available Mill Sizes: From 60″ to 130″
Castings: Hammers, Pin Protectors, Anvils, Cutter & Spreader Bars, Rotor & End Disc Caps, Grates, Reject Doors, Liners

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