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Nov 04
DIDION Rotary Processing Drum

WENDT Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership with DIDION International Inc.

Buffalo, NY-based WENDT CORPORATION has announced they have entered into an exclusive partnership with DIDION International Inc., combining WENDT’s industry-leading scrap processing solutions with DIDION’s world-class rotary drum technology. The strategic partnership will leverage both WENDT and DIDION’s over 40 years of experience in their respective specialties and help expand and improve WENDT’s comprehensive product portfolio to exclusively offer DIDION’s patented metal polishing drums to the scrap recycling industry.

Missouri-based DIDION is a third generation, family-owned company that was established in 1974 by Charles J. Didion. Mainly serving the foundry and recycling industries, the high-efficiency design, reliability and low maintenance requirements in every DIDION machine makes the company a world leader in rotary processing machinery.

WENDT and DIDION were introduced to one another while working on a project for a special scrap recycling application in 2016. “After working together on that project, our companies learned a lot about one another,” said Mark Didion, Vice President of Systems Integration at DIDION. “Our rotary technology was the right fit for cleaning scrap and partnering with WENDT to provide a complete solution just made sense for this endeavor together. We’ve designed these drums to incorporate our over 40 years of expertise in the cleaning of metals. They include special features that are not just designed to polish the metal, but to classify it to be ready for downstream equipment,” Didion stated.


“Quality expectations for metal scrap commodities continues to to rise,” said WENDT Business Development Manager, Bill Close. “The metal cleaning and polishing product line that we have developed with DIDION, will provide a competitive advantage to our customers beyond metal sorting creating packages that are bright, polished, and clean to the touch.”  With the inclusion of the DIDION metal polishing drums into the WENDT product portfolio, WENDT will offer Domestic and Export Drums in 10TPH, 20TPH, and 30TPH sizes that are designed to remove dirt, debris and surface contamination/oxidation from metal. The Domestic Drum is ideally suited as preparation to an XRT plant or heavy media plant, processing a variety of aluminum and stainless steel scrap commodities such as ZORBA and ZURIK. The Export Drum is purpose-built to meet the proposed Chinese Export Requirements for ZORBA by adding screening to separate the cleaned and polished ZORBA into three sized products directly into a bagging system ready for export.

“The WENDT-DIDION partnership is a powerful combination. We have once again partnered with a technology leader in their industry to customize a product to meet our industry requirements,” said President Tom Wendt. “The incorporation of DIDION’s technology into our systems is revolutionary for consumers of shredded commodities. We believe the technology will be widely adopted and sets a new standard in the quality of melt-ready commodities.”

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