Advanced Technology. Proven Performance.

The North American
market leader for
automobile shredding plants.

Our 45+ years of experience building equipment for the scrap recycling industry combined with our dependable shredders that span multiple applications, allow us to provide proven solutions and support from concept through the life of automobile shredding plants.

While other suppliers provide part of a solution, equipment or engineering only, WENDT provides the full range of capabilities to take the risk out of your investment.

  • Comprehensive line of automobile shredders ranging from 60″ to 130″ mills
  • Innovators of the Modular Shredding Plant
  • Leading plant builder in North America for automobile shredding and scrap metal processing systems
  • Innovative plant layouts provide a low cost of ownership with our turnkey, modular and expandable plants
  • North American industry leader based on shredder installs the past 5 years
  • Engineered to achieve maximum liberation of metal at the lowest operational cost per ton
  • Custom plant design from shredder infeed to producing furnace-ready commodities
  • Full range of services to support existing shredder operators
  • Turnkey Integrator by developing, delivering, and supporting complete shredding systems
  • Model 130 Automobile Shredding Plant
  • WENDT M6090 Modular Shredder Plant1
  • WENDT HEAVY Automobile Shredding Plant
  • 98x104 Replacement Shredder Plant
  • M6090 Shredding Plant
  • Model 130 Shredding Plant
  • M6090 Shredder Advanced Downstream
  • WENDT M6090 Automobile Shredding Plant

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