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Exclusive Strategic Partnerships

Powerful Partnerships

WENDT delivers world class solutions by developing and integrating best-in-class technology. Our exclusive strategic partnerships with the industry’s leading technology companies are the foundation for our success. These relationships allow WENDT to expand our comprehensive offering and focus our resources on what we do best; process innovation, systems integration and post-sale service and support.

Established in 2001, our partnership with TOMRA Sorting Solutions is focused on shredder operations for processing end of life vehicles (ELV) and automotive shredder residue (ASR) in North America. TOMRA is leading the resource revolution with transformative technologies and sensor-based systems for optimal material separation and recovery.

  • The industry leader based on market share, performance and research and development
  • Over 10,000 machines in operation in over 80 countries
  • Highest resolution imaging and targeting technology in the recycling industry
  • Strong focus on research and development to find new sorting solutions
  • Flexible product portfolio that can be optimized for multiple sorting tasks
WENDT TOMRA Strategic Partnership

WENDT‘s exclusive strategic partnership with MTB began in 2008 allowing us to offer their recycling systems for non-ferrous metals and waste to North America. Headquartered in Trept, France, MTB is a manufacturer and the largest wire and cable processor in Europe. MTB’s unique business model and continuous investments in R&D allow them to prove out the newest technology, innovations and recycling concepts to deliver proven solutions.

  • Industry leader based on market share, finished product quality and robustness of build
  • Innovators of the “BOX” line of processing technologies for modular, cost-effective, robust and efficient recycling solutions
  • 80% of North American wire choppers use MTB pre-choppers
  • Patented technologies and proven processes that result in metal commodities suitable for primary, secondary and refinery markets
  • Flexible solutions that can be optimized for a variety of feedstocks
  • 2021 initiative will reveal a new manufacturing workshop and headquarters and a completely renovated recycling site
WENDT MTB Strategic Partnership
Westeria Logo

Founded in 1956 and headquartered in Ostbevern, Germany, Westeria specializes in material handling solutions, and offers unique, patented products that are complementary to our scrap processing solutions. Westeria’s sophisticated and modular product designs, including the MovingFloor Bunker Feeder, Disc Spreader and Air Star, offer versatility and robust builds that enhance WENDT’s integration capabilities for metal recycling applications.
MovingFloor® Bunker
Configurable feeding bunker for a rough metering of material into a plant
Available in volumes from 10 yd3 to 400 yd3
Spinning discs distribute material onto a belt up to 10’ wide.
Layout flexibility in footprint and variable feed directions
Windsifter AirStar®
Horizontal Wind Sifter for separation of lights & heavies
Conveyor belt projects material at a rotating drum with an air nozzle below the head pulley

WENDT Westeria Strategic Partnership
Moros Logo

With over 60 years of experience and continuous R&D efforts, MOROS Industrias Hidraulicas SA is a Spanish manufacturer of high-performance, robust and efficient machinery for the ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal recycling industry. MOROS’s complimentary shearing and high-density baling product line expands WENDT’s comprehensive scrap processing portfolio to help us better serve our North American industrial scrap customers.
3RAM Balers
High performance in bale density and production
Innovative design for a variety of applications & adapted to customers specific needs
Stationary Shears
Robust design featuring the latest hydraulics & controls technology for minimal downtime
Extensive range of shearing forces & shear designs, for handling light & mixed scrap as well as heavy & bulky scrap for different production needs

WENDT Moros Strategic Partnership
Bowe Machine Company

Headquartered in Bettendorf, IA, Bowe Machine Company is a family owned and operated specialty machine shop and manufacturer. WENDT’s relationship with Bowe continues to grow and evolve as we offer replacement automobile shredder rotors for all shredder makes and models, as well as utilize Bowe’s specialized skillset and extensive fabrication capabilities to extend our comprehensive offerings.

  • The industry leader with over 500 rotors in operation in over 5 countries
  • Complete line of precision-engineered Disc and Spider rotors
WENDT / Bowe Strategic Partnership
Joest Logo

With roots dating back to 1919, Joest has extensive experience in designing and manufacturing equipment. As a leader in air classification technology, Joest developed Zig Zag Windsifters to specifically meet WENDT’s requirements for scrap applications in North America. Joest’s innovative technology and equipment designs have become an integral part of WENDT’s innovative processing solutions.

  • Air classification technology leader with over 95 years of experience in innovative, reliable and proven solutions
  • Over 45 Zig-Zag Windsifters installed since 2013
  • Global design, manufacturing, sales and support presence all over the world
WENDT Joest Strategic Partnership
APC Technologies Logo

APC Technologies is a leading manufacturer and technology solutions provider for controlling air pollutants. APC’s unique and patented Roll Filter product is a primary component within in out automobile shredder emission control systems.

  • Leading and cost-effective roll filter technology to achieve automobile shredder emission control requirements
  • Unique & patented technology that applies to nearly 40 different industries to solve air quality needs
WENDT APC Technologies Strategic Partnership
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