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WENDT Trommels

Trommel Screens

WENDT Trommels are developed with a rotary-type screen designed to separate material into three particle sizes: small, large, and overs. WENDT offers three size options for Trommels: 5′ x 25′ Square, 8′ x 40′ Round, 8′ x 50′ Round.

  • U-shaped upper hoods located along the upper half of the Trommel and bolted to the lower U-shaped collection chutes, ensuring that material is contained within the machine
  • Access panels for maintenance in each section
  • Removable upper hoods for tube replacement
  • One chute dedicated to the small material discharge and one chute dedicated to the large material discharge
    • Heavy structural steel frame
    • Drive assembly with gearbox, chain, idler, and sprockets
    • Trunnion wheels and thrust wheel


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