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Auto Shredder Enclosures
& Emission Control


WENDT CORPORATION offers Shredder Enclosures with exclusive partner ILG International for noise reduction, occupational safety, stability, and durability. ILG enclosures are specifically designed to handle over-pressure events and the extreme environment around an auto shredder. WENDT customizes enclosure layouts to ensure they are sized to fit a customer’s site-specific requirements. Structural steel is detailed and sourced domestically, providing customers a more cost-effective solution. Structures are designed by WENDT to meet local code requirements while also obtaining a Professional Engineering stamp for the customer.

  • Auto Shredder Enclosure

Emission Control

As environmental regulations continue to get tougher for auto shredder operators, WENDT recognized a need for development of an emission control solution tailored to the challenging application of auto shredding in North America. WENDT dedicated research and development resources to address the issue. The result is an unprecedented, complete auto shredder emissions control solution to keep North American shredders in EPA compliance and sets a new standard for the scrap recycling industry.

WENDT‘s Emissions Control Systems feature exclusive dry filtration technology from APC Technologies. Our unique process significantly reduces high operating costs associated with legacy wet filtration processes. From simple water injection systems to the most advanced particulate, VOC, and acid gas treatment, WENDT has a solution to satisfy any regulatory need. With WENDT’s experience, we can assist our customers from permitting to install and through the entire process of bringing their shredder into environmental compliance.

  • Emission Control Systems
  • Emission Control Systems
  • APC Particulate Control - Shredder Emission Control


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