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Jul 21
Aluminum Shredding & Sorting Webinar

WENDT Hosts Aluminum Shredding & Sorting Webinar

In July, WENDT Global Director of Business Development, Ethan Willard, gave a presentation during a live webinar on Aluminum Shredding and Sorting. In the presentation, Ethan went into detail on the technology and solutions available for processing aluminum, which included:
– Pre-shredding aluminum bales with the WENDT/MTB EZR Pre-Shredder
WENDT‘s unique 6060 & 6090 Hammermill-based aluminum shredding solutions
– Downstream sorting & separation options tailored for a wide range of applications & goals
– The uses & benefits of WENDT/TOMRA XRT X-Ray Sorting Technology

Did you miss our webinar? Email for a link to the recording of the presentation or to speak to one of our Regional Sales Representatives.

See you at our next webinar!

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