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EZR Modular

The Industry’s Most
Advanced Pre-Shredder

The revolutionary development of the EZR Pre-Shredder by WENDT and exclusive partner, MTB Unlimited, offers North American auto shredders unparalleled efficiency and flexibility. The EZR Pre-Shredder uses low-speed, high torque technology to homogenize hammermill feedstock. This allows a shredder to easily achieve full box shredding, increasing tons per hour while decreasing the wear on castings. The Pre-Shredder also provides operators the ability to catch and remove unshreddables prior to the shredder, greatly reducing the chances of catastrophic failure at the mill.

  • Available in both a traditional hydraulic drive and the industry’s first electric drive for increased efficiency and decreased operating costs
  • Proprietary design provides operators unprecedented flexibility to adjust machines performance to ever-changing market dynamics
  • Adjustable shaft spacings and disc quantity allows operators to change product density and throughput after installation
  • Increased auto shredder throughput
  • Decreased auto shredder operating costs by reducing wear on castings and electricity peaks
  • Modular design minimizes installation costs and time
  • Available from 5 to 150 tons/hour
  • WENDT Pre-Shredder
  • WENDT MTB EZR Pre-Shredder
  • EZR Pre-Shredder

Features & Benefits

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WENDT / MTB EZR Pre-Shredder

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