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Automobile Shredding &
Scrap Metal Processing

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WENDT offers a comprehensive line of high performance automobile shredders designed to achieve maximum liberation of metals. Our four decades of extensive experience and know-how building equipment for the scrap recycling industry combined with our dependable shredders that span multiple applications, allow us to provide proven solutions and support from concept through the life of your shredder plant.

  • Model 106 HEAVY Shredder Plant
  • WENDT HEAVY Shredders
  • WENDT Modular Shredder
  • Traditional Auto Shredders
  • WENDT HEAVY Shredders

Features & Benefits

Serving the scrap metal recycling industry has been a core competency of WENDT since our founding over 40 years ago. While other suppliers provide part of a solution, equipment or engineering only, WENDT provides the full range of capabilities to take the risk out of your investment.

  • Comprehensive line of automobile shredders ranging from 60″ to 130″ mills
  • Innovators of the Modular Shredding Plant
  • Maximum throughput and lower operating costs with optimized shredder box geometry, DC motors and Bowe Disc Rotors for achieving optimal efficiency and maximizing profits
  • Leading plant builder in North America for automobile shredding and scrap metal processing systems
  • Innovative plant layouts provide a low cost of ownership with our turnkey, modular and expandable plants
  • Achieve maximum metal recovery and value with the most advanced process design and equipment that leverage proprietary technology from our exclusive partners
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