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Polishing Drum


Leveraging over 40 years of expertise, this revolutionary metal cleaning and polishing product line developed by WENDT and exclusive partner, DIDION, provides a competitive advantage to customers beyond metal sorting, creating packages that are bright, polished, and clean to the touch. The patented DIDION Metal Polishing Drum uses a rotary screen to tumble material, creating metal-on-metal action that scrubs of surface contamination. The strong air flow uses an air wash effect and dust collector, sucking liberated material out of the drum and removing particles from the product.

  • DIDION Metal Polishing Drum
  • Export Polishing Drum

Features & Benefits

  • Removes dust, dirt, debris, and oxidation from metal
  • Enriched metal concentrate has a higher melt yield
  • Designed to hold and tumble material for 15 to 20 minutes, allowing time for product cleaning
  • Screens metal by size
  • Domestic and Export Drums available in 10 TPH, 20 TPH, 30 TPH and 40 TPH sizes
Domestic Drum
Domestic Drum

Ideally suited as preparation to an XRT plant or heavy media plant, processing a variety of aluminum and stainless scrap commodities such as ZORBA and ZURIK

Export Drum
Export Drum

Purpose-built to meet the proposed Chinese export requirements for ZORBA by adding screening to separate the cleaned and polished ZORBA into three sized products directly into a bagging system ready for export

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