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The MOROS H-A shear features a reinforced structure and pre-compression wings that make it ideal for  handling almost every material type. This multi-purpose and versatile shear incorporates new advancements in mechanical design, hydraulics and electronics to achieve cutting speeds and efficiency levels never seen before in this type of machine.

  • MOROS H-A Shear

Features & Benefits

  • Exclusive MOROS design of the precompression wings
  • Efficient and fast hydraulics
  • Split hinge shaft for easy maintenance
  • Automatic greasing in head of machine
Technical Specs:
Cutting Force (tons): 550 – 700 – 900 – 1100
Loading Box (ft): 16 – 20 – 23
Shear Width (in): 32 – 39
Motors Installed (1) x 150 hp or from 2, up to 4 units (125 hp)
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