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The GC-F baler are designed and manufactured with the most advanced technologies to withstand the demands of a scrap processing yard. With the ability to work with all grades of both ferrous and non ferrous scrap, the GC-F baler offers versatility, flexibility and reliability. The reinforced structure of this baler series also allows  for a long lasting life with low maintenance.

  • GC-F & GC-J Balers

Features & Benefits

  • All wear surfaces are protected with grooved interchangeable liner plates for easy replacement
  • New hydraulic technology for increased productivity
  • Loading time is minimal with simultaneous loading and baling
GC-F & GC-J Balers
Technical Specs:
Compression Force (tons):  150
Bale Size (in):  12 x 12 | 16 x 16 | 16 x 12 | 20 x 8
Motors Installed:  (1) 60hp or (1) 75hp or (1) 125hp
  • MOROS GC-W Baler
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