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Apr 23
ISRI BDM Session

What’s New in Scrap Processing Solutions with WENDT’s Industry Experts

WENDT‘s Business Development Managers, Ethan Willard, Bill Close and Dave Siejka, sat down to discuss what’s new in scrap processing solutions. From new innovations and technologies to recent installations, our industry experts cover the latest and greatest in their individual product lines of shredding, non-ferrous separation and sorting and wire chopping. Video Transcript: Dave Siejka: Hi everybody and thanks for […]

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Nov 04
DIDION Rotary Processing Drum

WENDT Announces Exclusive Strategic Partnership with DIDION International Inc.

Buffalo, NY-based WENDT CORPORATION has announced they have entered into an exclusive partnership with DIDION International Inc., combining WENDT’s industry-leading scrap processing solutions with DIDION’s world-class rotary drum technology. The strategic partnership will leverage both WENDT and DIDION’s over 40 years of experience in their respective specialties and help expand and improve WENDT’s comprehensive product portfolio to exclusively offer DIDION’s […]

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Oct 13
WENDT Showroom

WENDT Announces the Unveiling of their New Showroom

WENDT CORPORATION has announced the unveiling of their new Showroom. Now located at the company’s headquarters in Buffalo, NY, the Showroom is an evolution of WENDT‘s Technology Center. The new Showroom, part of WENDT‘s continued growth strategy, will continue to act as a key resource for customers to do material sampling, prove a business case and gain hands-on training from […]

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Sep 17
WENDT M6090 Shredder

DMS Metals Featured in Recycling Product News

Over the last few years, Ontario-based DMS Metals, a second-generation family-run scrap metal and auto recycler under the ownership of Andrew and Paul Gallo, has experienced enough of an increase in volumes to justify two very significant equipment and capability upgrades. This past March, DMS Metals (established in 1974 as Don Mills Steel and Metals Ltd.), located in Stouffville, Ontario, […]

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Sep 16
First Time Shredder Operators

WENDT Hosts First Time Shredder Operators Webinar

In mid-September, WENDT hosted a webinar session that covered the basics for First Time Shredder Operators. Shredder and Ferrous Downstream Business Development Manager, Ethan Willard, provided attendees with a high level process of investigating and understanding the business behind owning a shredder. The presentation included: Who should be considering a shredder operation? Building a business case Above and beyond the […]

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Jul 24
WENDT Selected as Scrap Equipment Company of the Year

WENDT CORPORATION Selected as Scrap Equipment Company of the Year

Fastmarkets (formerly AMM) selected WENDT CORPORATION as the Scrap Equipment Company of the Year in a virtual presentation of their Global Awards for Steel Excellence. Tom Wendt, President, accepted the award saying, “This award is especially satisfying in such a difficult year with unprecedented volatility due to the virus. Over the years our strength has been in our ability to […]

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Jul 23
M6090 Modular Shredding Plant

WENDT CORPORATION Commissions M6090 Modular Shredding Plant and Non-Ferrous Separation System at DMS Metals Ltd.

Family owned and operated DMS Metals Ltd. has commissioned its first automobile shredder. The purchase of the WENDT M6090 Modular Shredder Plant and Non-Ferrous System provides the company with additional versatility and independence while aiding in the company’s overall growth strategy. Established in 1974, DMS Metals is a second-generation family-run business, now under the leadership of Andrew and Paul Gallo. […]

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Jun 10
Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants

WENDT Hosts Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants Webinar

WENDT hosted a webinar session focused on the challenges that Automobile Shredder Operators face with their Non-Ferrous Recovery Operations. As product purity requirements have been rising, Shredder Operators have been forced to slow down their Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants, add manual labor, and change their processes. However, the market disruption has created opportunities for those prepared to react.   On Tuesday, June […]

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May 07

Ask the Expert Podcast

    Full Podcast Transcript Val Andrews: Hello everyone. My name is Val Andrews. I’m the Marketing Manager here at WENDT. Today I’m going to be interviewing our Business Development Managers in this Ask the Expert session. These questions have come from our customers on the topics that matter most to them. So with that, let’s get some introductions underway. […]

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Apr 28
low magnesium twitch from zorba

WENDT Exclusive Partner TOMRA SORTING RECYCLING Enables the Production of Low Magnesium Twitch from Zorba

Global leader in sensor-based sorting systems, TOMRA Sorting Recycling, is renowned for spearheading technological developments and its latest innovation is no exception. TOMRA has further developed X-TRACT units for magnesium removal, a ground-breaking x-ray-based solution which can separate magnesium from aluminum in products such as Zorba and Twitch. With consistently high purity rates of up to 99% being achieved in […]

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