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Batch Feeders

WENDT’s unique portfolio of configurable batch feeding systems delivers superior separation performance with a consistent, volumetrically controlled flow of feedstock.

Our Tumbleback Feeder design has evolved significantly from the one piece Tumble Back Feeders that WENDT introduced in 1994. Today with over 100 units in service and over 20 years of field feedback, our newly designed Tumbleback Feeder is the next generation of material handling systems.

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  • Batch Feeders | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Batch Feeders | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Batch Feeders | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Batch Feeders | WENDT CORPORATION
  • Batch Feeders | WENDT CORPORATION
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Features & Benefits

Goals Addressed by Newly Designed Tumbleback Feeder (TBF):

  • Front End Loader time is valuable (capital, fuel, and wages). Our batch feeding systems are designed based on reasonable expectations of time until empty. This permits the Front End Loader to service a variety of needs in the yard while reducing fuel costs and idle time.
  • Repair and maintenance costs need to be minimized by removing the shock loading from the volumetric conveyor. The former one piece TBF design has now become a two piece design with a tightly integrated batch feeder and volumetric conveyor.
  • Automation is essential to deliver a perfectly metered controlled flow. A sensor is integrated into the volumetric conveyor for on demand delivery from the batch feeder.
  • Improved transition designs and added guarding for reduced spillage and housekeeping costs.
  • Optional hooding and aspiration of batch feeders allow for dust emissions at charging locations to be better mitigated
  • Customer preferences for our batch feeder such as “cat-track” creep feeders, rubber belt creep feeders, or vibratory feeders are all offered.
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