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Mar 09
ILG Partnership - Shredder Enclosures

WENDT Enters into Exclusive Strategic Partnership with ILG International

WENDT CORPORATION, a leading solutions provider in the shredding and sorting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, entered a strategic partnership with ILG International, a German manufacturer of shredder enclosures. The exclusive partnership leverages ILG’s market leading position in Europe while offering a complementary product to WENDT’s comprehensive portfolio of scrap processing solutions in North America.

For over 40 years, ILG International has manufactured noise-reducing products and system enclosures. With over 400 enclosures in operation in Europe, ILG’s shredder enclosures are specifically designed to handle over-pressure events and the extreme environment around an auto shredder. Their modular construction and robust build provide maximum noise reduction, occupational safety, stability, and durability.

ILG Shredder Enclosure

After working on several shredding projects together in the past, the new partnership allows ILG to offer their shredder enclosure product line to the North American marketplace exclusively through the WENDT sales and service platform. “The partnership announced today represents a unique opportunity for ILG and a powerful combination for the industry,” said Rolf Schaffrath, President of ILG International. “As the leading supplier of enclosures in Europe, we gain enhanced access to North America and WENDT’s large shredder customer base.”

“Our collaboration with ILG allows us to bring their expertise in shredder enclosures together with our extensive integration capabilities,” said Tom Wendt, President of WENDT CORPORATION. WENDT will customize enclosure layouts to ensure they are sized to fit a customer’s site-specific requirements. The structural steel will all be detailed and sourced domestically, providing a more cost-effective solution. Structures will be designed by WENDT to meet local code requirements while also obtaining a Professional Engineering stamp for the customer. Wendt added, “Our capability to provide existing or new shredder installations, with a custom enclosure to help reduce noise, increase safety, and potentially aid in the capture of shredder emissions is an exciting opportunity for shredder operators in North America.”

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