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Jul 23
M6090 Modular Shredding Plant

WENDT CORPORATION Commissions M6090 Modular Shredding Plant and Non-Ferrous Separation System at DMS Metals Ltd.

Family owned and operated DMS Metals Ltd. has commissioned its first automobile shredder. The purchase of the WENDT M6090 Modular Shredder Plant and Non-Ferrous System provides the company with additional versatility and independence while aiding in the company’s overall growth strategy.

Established in 1974, DMS Metals is a second-generation family-run business, now under the leadership of Andrew and Paul Gallo. Located thirty minutes north of Toronto in Stouffville, Ontario, Canada, DMS Metals prides their business on providing exceptional service and delivering a full range of metal recycling solutions throughout Canada and the United States.

DMS has experienced an increase in volumes the last few years which drove the need for another processing solution in addition to their shears and balers. “With growing volumes, we realized that a shredder would be a valuable upgrade to our operation,” said Andrew Gallo, President, DMS Metals. Shredding primarily cars, light sheet iron and aluminum products, the shredder has benefited the company by allowing them to be more versatile and competitive on both the buying and selling sides of the business. The WENDT M6090 was right-sized for our operation and provides us the versatility to process many different grades of material and at much higher volumes.”

WENDT Modular M6090 Shredder

DMS Metals’ WENDT M6090 automobile shredder features a Bowe Disc Rotor and 2,500-horsepower motor. The shredding plant is equipped with an infeed conveyor and dual magstand with electromagnetic drums. The plants modular design features include a pre-fabricated motor enclosure and platform, remote pre-wired e-house, control pulpit, pre-fabricated fluid power house and structural steel frame that allows the shredder to be installed on a flat concrete pad.

The company’s equipment purchase also included a non-ferrous recovery system containing eddy current separators to recover aluminum (zorba). “A shredding plant without a non-ferrous system is like a car with no wheels. It is a good start, but it won’t get you very far. The non-ferrous system heavily contributes to the profitability of the overall process.”

“A shredder is a unique piece of machinery. When purchasing equipment of this magnitude, you are diving into a long-term partnership with the company that you purchase it from. WENDT’s service department is available 24-7 and is always extremely helpful and professional. It reflects their attentiveness to customer service and reaffirms the confidence we’ve placed in partnering with WENDT.” With a 25-acre facility, WENDT and DMS will continue their partnership to expand the company’s non-ferrous operation.

DMS Metals has added 10 people to their team since commissioning the shredding plant and non-ferrous system in March 2020.

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