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Jun 10
Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants

WENDT Hosts Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants Webinar

WENDT hosted a webinar session focused on the challenges that Automobile Shredder Operators face with their Non-Ferrous Recovery Operations. As product purity requirements have been rising, Shredder Operators have been forced to slow down their Non-Ferrous Recovery Plants, add manual labor, and change their processes. However, the market disruption has created opportunities for those prepared to react.  

On Tuesday, June 9th, Non-Ferrous Business Development Manager, Bill Close, discussed practical solutions to:

  • Increase Non-Ferrous Recovery Plant Capacities
  • Reduce labor through automation
  • Increase product purity including options to:
    • Create high grade export products
    • Create furnace ready products
    • Create more outlets for sale by eliminating the middle-man
  • Taking advantage of margin opportunities, as opportunities develop in a fluctuating market

Missed the WENDT webinar? To review everything covered during our webinar, email for a link to the recording of the presentation.

Stay tuned for our next live webinar!

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