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Apr 21
multi-functional wire chopping systems

WENDT Hosts Webinar on Multi-Functional Wire Chopping Systems

WENDT hosted a live webinar in April on multi-functional wire chopping systems. MTB Business Development Manager Dave Siejka went into depth on what classifies as a multi-functional plant and all of the different grades of material it can handle, from the lowest grade input to the highest grade input, without sacrificing productivity or capabilities. The webinar covered the importance of having a multi-functional wire chopping plant, what it does for you and what it allows your operation to accomplish. Dave also presented on the different types of materials and the challenges with processing them and if you choose to process them what you can expect. Finally, he provided different equipment considerations for a processing plant. 

Missed the WENDT webinar? These were only a few of the topics covered in the presentation. To review everything covered during Dave Siejka’s webinar, email to explore his entire presentation of insights.

Stay tuned for our next live webinar!

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