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Jul 02
New Sorting Plant at the WENDT Technology Center

WENDT CORPORATION Commissions Sorting Plant at Technology Center

WENDT CORPORATION, the leading manufacturer of automobile shredders and non-ferrous separation systems, today announced that it has commissioned a new sorting plant at its Technology Center in Buffalo, NY that will feature the newest technology and process for the cleaning and sorting of shredded non-ferrous metals, such as zorba and zurik.

The WENDT Technology Center, which represents the third new plant construction since its initial launch in 2013, will provide the scrap recycling industry with a unique resource for adapting to changing market requirements. While the two previous plants installed served as automobile shredder residue (ASR) recovery plants, the first for gaylord samples and the second for truckload samples to demonstrate fines, wire, zorba and zurik recovery potential. Today, the new metal cleaning and sorting plant will serve as a full scale (truckload) customer demonstration site and feature core technologies from WENDT’s exclusive partners (TOMRA, MTB, Joest, Westeria), and the latest metal sorting process designed by WENDT. These core technologies include x-ray and color sorting from TOMRA Sorting, air classification by Joest, eddy current separators by MagPro and feeding and material handling equipment by Westeria.

As recent changes in the scrap market have altered the standards of allowable contaminant thresholds for scrap exports, WENDT’s continued investment in the Technology Center is a reflection of an effort to provide customers with new process solutions to meet today’s business conditions.

WENDT has a track record of being quick to adapt to changes in scrap market, investing in research and development,” says Bill Close, WENDT Non-Ferrous Business Development Manager. “The Technology Center is truly a state-of-the-art system that utilizes the newest technology and features the latest in process engineering,” adds Ethan Willard, WENDT Sales Engineering Manager. “We’re proud to share the labor of our efforts with the industry and deliver a solution that will help our customers navigate their business requirements.”

Built for versatility, the advanced sorting system can upgrade a variety of materials including Zorba and Zurik, as well as mixed aluminum scrap into purer products and fully upgraded furnace ready commodities. The flexibility of the system also allows operators the ability to run multiple ways to create different finished products that maximize margin based on market conditions. This versatility and flexibility of the plant services a variety of needs including:
• Metals cleaning for CCIC compliance (removal of circuit boards, trash and other contaminants)
• Mixed metals sorting (zorba, zurik, and others) into segregated, furnace ready products
• Quality control of various shredded aluminum feedstocks

The newly commissioned sorting plant at the WENDT Technology Center offers customers the ability to schedule appointments to test their own materials through the system. Close adds, “It is our goal to reduce customer risk, utilize best in class technology, vet new processes and confirm a business case with a good return on investment. We would like to invite you to get to know WENDT and discuss how we can add value to your business.”

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