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May 14

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for New WENDT Non-Ferrous Metal Recycling Facility

WENDT CORPORATION joined Commercial Metals Company (CMC) at a ribbon cutting ceremony at CMC’s Lexington, South Carolina facility on Wednesday, May 9th. The commemoration ceremony was held in celebration of the successful commissioning of the company’s latest non-ferrous metal recycling plant.

The ceremony was attended by CMC employees and their management team, South Carolina government officials as well as WENDT representatives. At the celebration, guests toured the new recycling plant and participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony. CMC representatives including Chairman, President and CEO, Barbara Smith, and Director of Recycling, East Region, Brian Halloran, who both spoke at the event on the positive impact that the new plant will have on the community.

Smith and Halloran touched upon how the project is about more than just creating jobs within the community. With the new system, it is about the environment and reducing the amount of material that is landfilled. The company estimates that thousands of truckloads of metal will stay out of the landfills because it will now be recovered using the advanced metal recovery plant. The state-of-the-art equipment and technology supplied by WENDT CORPORATION will allow CMC to recover nearly all metals from the automobile shredder residue (ASR) generated by their shredder locations.

“It was a true pleasure to be invited to CMC’s ribbon cutting ceremony,” Tom Wendt Jr. said. “The ability to be a part of CMC’s 100-year history and hearing about the positive environmental and economic impact that the plant we supplied will have on the community is a very rewarding experience for me.”

Commercial Metals Company’s non-ferrous recovery plant was customized by WENDT CORPORATION to meet their specific needs utilizing a combination of WENDT and other OEM equipment.  This complete system will recover non-ferrous metals such as zorba and zurik, as well as more difficult to recover materials such as insulated copper wire and fine metals.

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