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Jun 28

WENDT CORPORATION Sells MTB CABLE BOX to Sims Metal Management

Sims Metal Management has purchased an MTB CABLE BOX from WENDT CORPORATION, prior to the company’s Demo Days showcase. Representing the third CABLE BOX sale, the compact wire chopping system, will offer Sims with versatility in the number of non-ferrous materials it can process. It also provides them with the opportunity to create an upgraded materials package that can be marketed domestically.

Joe Payesko, Sims President of the East Region, said, “Sims believes in using great technology to maximize the value of our commodities for our customers. We feel that the MTB/WENDT CABLE BOX allows us to achieve this. The design of the CABLE BOX, its versatility and the quality of build fits our application needs.”

While the MTB CABLE BOX boasts a smaller footprint than a typical MTB wire chopping line, the machine is built with the same proven MTB process and equipment for optimal quality and reliability. This containerized, turnkey solution integrates a complete cable recycling line within two 40-foot, one 20-foot and one 10-foot containers. Featuring fully integrated electrical and dust collection systems, the CABLE BOX is designed to process up to 3 tons per hour of materials including difficult to process materials such as shredder wire, ACSR, BX cable, URD cables, Cat5 cables, TEC cables, “jelly” cables, and zorba fines.

“The CABLE BOX is the result of two years of research and development by MTB with market insight provided by WENDT,” says Jean-Phillipe Fusier, President of MTB. “The sale of the CABLEBOX to Sims is a reflection of the confidence the company has put into our product and we look forward to our continued relationship with the CABLE BOX installation. We are committed to the machines design and have proven that the CABLE BOX will excel at extremely difficult applications. We are excited to showcase the CABLE BOX’s capabilities at WENDT Demo Days on June 28 and 29, 2017 in front of our industry friends and associates.”

WENDT Demo Days is set to be held at the WENDT Technology Center in Buffalo, NY and will demonstrate a variety of the latest equipment and technology over the course of the two-day event. The equipment demonstrations will include the MTB CABLE BOX, TOMRA X-TRACT, TOMRA COMBISENSE, TOMRA AUTOSORT and the WENDT/MagPro Ultra Fines Eddy Current Separator.

The Sims CABLE BOX system will be installed and commissioned in this summer in Fairless, PA. The system’s primary purpose will be to process the company’s shredder wire.

“MTB has made their name by supplying robust equipment capable of processing a multitude of different materials, adds Dave Siejka, WENDT’s MTB Business Development Manager. “This same philosophy has been brought to the design of the CABLE BOX, resulting in a versatile platform that greatly reduces installation duration and ultimately cost. Coupled with WENDT CORPORATION‘s vast application knowledge, as well as best in class spare parts supply, service and technical support, our CABLE BOX customers can feel comfortable knowing that they are investing in a team that is dedicated to their success.”

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